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Children's Vision

Is There a Cure for Childhood Myopia?
Can anything be done to protect your child from nearsightedness and myopia progression?
Learn about the latest myopia control research.
Kids and Computers
How to help your child avoid eye strain and other problems when using computers.
Teen Vision: Time for Contacts?
A Brief primer on what you should know when your teen wants to start wearing contact lenses.
Vision Therapy for Children
Some Children have undetected vision problems that can interfere with their performance in school or sports.
Read about vision therapy and how it can help.
Toys and Eye Safety
Which Toys are eye safe and which are better to avoid.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Inforgraphic: 7 Things You're Doing at Your Desk That Will Give You Eye Strain
Break these bad hapits that could be giving you computer eye strain at work.
Computer Eye Strain Relief
Top 10 ways to avoid or relieve computer eye strain, including how to reduce eye fatigue and minimize glare.
Computer Eyeglasses
Learn how specially designed computer glasses can reduce eye strain and make you more comfortable
and productive at your computer.
Computer Ergonomics for Healthy Vision
Follow these computer ergonomics tips to reduce your risk of stress-related discomfort, including
computer vision syndrome, when using a computer.
Take this quiz on computer eye strain and computer vision syndrome to test your knowledge about how
computer use affects your eyes and what you can do about it.

Problems and Diseases

Eye Pain
How to know if a painful eye is an emergency.
Sleep In Your Eyes
Do you often wake p with sticky, slimy, crusty, "eye gunk"? Article explains where eye discharge comes
from and when it's cause for alarm.
Color Blindness
Learn the varieties of color deficiency and how to cope in our color-coded world.
Eye Twitching
Eyelid twitches, tics and spasms are maddening. Here are common causes.
Red Eyes
Red eyes can be caused by allergies, eye infections and eye injuries. Lern more causes of red eye and
how to treat bloodshot eyes.

Vision Insurance

How To Choose a Vision Insurance Plan
Learn the differences between vision benefits packages and discount plans to help you choose which is
best for you. Includes worksheets you can download and use for side-by-side comparisons of pla
costs and benefits.
Medicare and Medicaid Vision Benefits
Learn about vision benefits available under Medicare and Medicaid, and how to find out if you are eligible.
Benefits range from eyeglasses to surgery for cataracts and glaucoma.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Wearing Tips
Learn how to apply and remove contact lenses, as well as what to do to protect your eyes when you
wear makeup.
Understanding Your Contact Lens Rx
You need a prescription for contacts, even if they're just for looks. Here's what all those numbers
and terms mean on the Rx form.
Are Your Contacts Uncomfortable? Here's What to Do
Don't suffer! Here's solid advice for your specific symptoms or situation.
Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes
Do your contact lenses feel dry and uncomfortable? Read about the best contact lenses for dry eyes
and remedies for contact lens-related dry eye.
Caring for Soft Contact Lenses
How to make sense of all the different products, and properly clean and disinfect your contact lenses.

Eye Exams

Why Are Eye Exams Important?
Routine eye exams can detect vision problems, eye disease and general health problems before
you are aware a problem exists. Also, read why ision screenings are no substitute for a comprehensive
eye exam performed by a licensed eye doctor.
Choosing an Eye Doctor
What's the difference between an optometrist and an opthalmologist? And which eye doctor should you choose?
Color Blind Tests
Are you color blind? Learn about color blind tests and make sure you are seeing life in full color.
Eye Exams for Children
Early eye exams for children are extremely important because vision problems often are related to
poor perfomance in school.


How To Choose Eyeglasses That Suit Your Personality and Lifestyle
Does your wardrobe make a strong statement? Eyeglasses with unusual shapes and colors might be for
your. But if you mainly wear your eyeglasses at work, you might want to discover which styles say: "competent professional." Whatever you personality or lifestyle, this article will help you find the eyeglasses you want.
Reading Glasses
By the time you reach age 40 and your eyesight is otherwise good, it's very liely you will need special reading glasses to help you see that fine print on the menu.
Size of Prescription Eyeglasses: How Frame Sizes Work
It's not as simple as small, medium, and large, so here's an explanation of sizes of perscription eyeglasses.
Eyeglass Frame Materials
Choose the right frame material for your prescription eyeglasses, whether you need it to be lightweight, flexible, strong, or hypoallergenic.
Specialty Eyeglasses: For All Seasons, for All Reasons
Specialty eyewear includes eyeglasses and sunglasses that are designed for a spcific purpose, such as computer use, driving, work, hobbies, protecting your eyes and more. Can you benefit from special eyeglasses? Read this article to help you decide.

Vision Over 40

What Is Presbyopia?
Some Call presbyopia "short arm syndrome," because of how far you have to stretch to see the fine print in your newspaper. Learn why no one over 40 escapes this annoying vision problem.
Dry Eyes After Menopause
Women are much more likely than men to develop dry eyes because of hormonal changes associated with menopause. What can you do if you are older and develop dry eyes?
7 Bad Habits That Are aging your Eyes
Giving up these bad habits could help your eyes look better, feel better, and even see better!
Multifocal Contact Lenses
Offering the convenience of contact lenses as well as the ability to see close up and far away, multifocal and bifocal contacts help active people adjust to any situation without eyeglasses.
How To Improve Night Vision and Highway Safety
If you are an older driver, learn what you can do to avoid placing yourself and others at risk.

Vision Over 60

Safe Driving After 60
Age-related vision changes, such as loss of sharper night vision, mean you need to be extra cautious to increase driving safety.
How Diet and Nutrition Protect Aging Eyes
Learn which foods and vitamin supplements are the best for maintaining eye health in older people.
Tips for Coping with Vision Loss
Older people need proper vision correction and treatment to maintain quality of life and decrease the possibility of mishaps such as falls.
Eye Care for Qualifying Seniors at No Cost
Are you neglecting your eye health because you can't afford an eye exam? The National Eye Care Project may be able to help you.
Ten Warning Signs of Age-Related Eye Problems
Sudden eye pain or blurry vision could signal an emergency that may lead to permanent vision loss. Never hesitate to visit your eye doctor if you have any of these warning signs.

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