Eye Glasses, Contact Lenses, & More for Midland, MI

Our Eye Doctor carries a variety of Frames & Brands of Contact Lenses in order to find your perfect fit!


We carry the following eyeglass frame designer lines at our office: Versace, Dolce & Gabbana (D&G), Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Nike, Oakley, Ray Ban, Flexon and more. All of our frames include a 1 year warranty.


We now have digitally-surfaced eyeglass lenses with wavefront optics that correct the optical aberrations individual to each prescription. We refer to this often as high definition lenses. The VisiOffice sytem is used to gather advanced measurements for this purpose.

  • Materials: High index lens materials allow for the thinnest lenses possible. New generations of Transitions lenses (changeable tint) now darken and lighten faster as well as perform better in warmer temperatures. There is even a version of the Transitions material that has a constant light tint that will darken further behind the windshield of a car.

  • Coatings: Advances in chemistry has allowed for scratch coatings and anti-reflective coatings to be combined....the leading product is Crizal Avance'.

  • Progressive Lens Designs: The newest generation of Varilux progressives, the Varilux Physio 360, provide higher definition to lessen inherent distortions, are easier to adapt to, and provide a wider reading area. There are versions of progressives that fit better into smaller frame sizes too.

  • Multipurpose Solutions: New formulations are coming out in the "all in one" solutions to work with the new generation of contact lenses, silicone hydrogels. What is new is also HOW we use solutions: we now recommend that you DO rub your contact lenses after removing them.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions: This is still the gold standard in contact lens disinfection. For a small percentage of contact lens wearers, it is the only solution that keeps their lenses clean. This lens care system must be used properly to ensure that hydrogen peroxide does not get into the eyes.

  • Over the Counter Gel Lubricants: Gel lubricants offer the benefits of a thicker ointment without the blurring effects.

  • Prescription Dry Eye Medications: A new concept in treating dry eye syndrome is managing the inflammation associated with dye eye syndrome. In the past, the amount of tears was supplemented with drops only.

  • Puntal Plugs: Better fitting tear duct plugs are available to doctors to treat more extreme forms of dry eye syndrome.


The recent advances in contact lens materials represent the most exciting changes in the contact lens industry in a very long time. The newest class of contact lens materials is called silicone hydrogels. The first applications of integrating silicone into contact lenses was right here in Midland at Dow Corning. What makes silicone ideal for contact lenses is its high oxygen permeability. When the front surface of the human eye has adequate oxygen there is significantly less inflammation, cloudiness and infections. Present replacement options are 2 week disposables and one month disposable contact lenses. Each lens has its particular niche, depending on how you wear your lenses. Despite their slightly higher cost, both lenses offer increased safety, wearing flexibility, and improved comfort. For more information please speak with Dr. Buckingham, Dr. Kaminski, or our staff.