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For centuries, glasses have provided a reliable and proven method of vision correction. The newest frame styles and thinner lenses make wearing glasses fun rather than a negative experience.

We now have digitally-surfaced eyeglass lenses with wavefront optics that correct the optical aberrations individual to each prescription. We refer to this often as high definition lenses. The VisiOffice sytem is used to gather advanced measurements for this purpose.

Soon on the horizon are contact lenses with wavefront optics that correct the eye's aberrations in addition to the prescription.

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The recent advances in contact lens materials represent the most exciting changes in the contact lens industry in a very long time. The newest class of contact lens materials is called silicone hydrogels. The first applications of integrating silicone into contact lenses was right here in Midland at Dow Corning. What makes silicone ideal for contact lenses is its high oxygen permeability. When the front surface of the human eye has adequate oxygen there is significantly less inflammation, cloudiness and infections. This vision correction option is allowing more extended wear of contact lenses and competing with the laser vision correction market.


This form of vision correction is steadily growing worldwide. The main surgical procedure performed is still LASIK. In addition to local surgeons, we work closely with TLC in Bloomfield Hills, Ann Arbor, or Lansing. See the "Articles" section on our website for frequently asked questions. For more information call us, visit or call TLC at 800-551-7347.

Feel free to call and ask Dr. Kaminski about his experience after having LASIK. He is 11 years out from surgery and seeing great.