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We are your trusted source for personalized professional vision care from a courteous eye doctor and staff that strive to exceed your expectations.

When you are in search for an eye doctor for you or your children, you obviously want the best vision care possible. Offering comprehensive services with expert optical knowledge and exceptional customer service, Mid Michigan Eye Care is the local optometrist to choose in the Midland, MI area!

Our staff is comprised of certified local optometrists who are experienced in all areas of vision care. Whether you are looking for contact lenses or your young child is in need of an eye exam, choose Mid Michigan Eye Care! From eye glasses to cataract surgery, we truly do it all.

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Our optical department features over 1,000 fashion eye glass frames, so you're guaranteed to find something perfect for the entire family. We also carry specialty items, such as prescription eyewear for sports and prescription sunglasses! With our complete line of eye glasses, products, and an award winning lab, Twin City Optical, you will receive the highest quality eyewear and vision care in the Midland, MI area.

We offer a one year warranty on the purchase of all eye glasses.

When you are looking for the best vision care services in the Midland, MI area, be sure to choose Mid Michigan Eye Care. Our local optometrist team is proud to offer some of the highest quality vision care around. Whether you are looking for contact lenses, eye glasses to fit any style, or an eye doctor that can help your sight and confidence, we can help. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam!




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